Waikaka Texels – Performance Driven

Waikaka Texels was started in 2000 when we purchased 7 in lamb ewes from the Blackdale Stud. In 2002 we purchased a further 6 texel ewes from PW & MA Brown.

The stud has grown to 200 ewes. Along the way we have used some very notable sires in Blackdale 447/03. We purchased 447 in partnership with the late Peter Wishart. 447 spent a number of years at the top of the CPT trial and left us a very good line of breeding ewes. A 447 son topped the texel sales 2009 selling to the Glenvale Stud.

In January 2010 we purchased Brenley 66/08 in partnership with Mervyn and Judy Mitchell. 66 worked very well across the 447’s. This cross has sold very well and achieved many stud ram sales and achieved the top price in NZ for two more years.

Our philosophy is to breed good functional rams – keeping in mind what our buyer is using his sire for. We aim to breed a good structurally sound sheep, Being twins, lambing easily with exceptional growth rates.  Texels are meat sheep so one of our main aims is to have good Eye muscle and good deep back end. It’s all about Meat and Muscle.

We are measuring birth weight, weaning weight, live weight 8, onto EMA. Also weighing our ewes at mating – aiming to get our ewes weaning more weight in lambs than their premating body weight. We have found over the last couple of seasons that a texel ewe hogget can lamb a 4.5 to 5kg lamb easily and feed these well.


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